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History of Plymouth Mill

A popular port of delivery in the town’s early days, Plymouth is situated at the mouth of the Roanoke River along the east coast of North Carolina. Originally called Plymouth Landing, the town is believed to have been named by sailors from Plymouth, Massachusetts who would regularly stop at the port for cargo. Established in 1787, Plymouth was such a prominent shipping center in the 1800s that the port was targeted for blockade by Union forces during the Civil War. Fighting was so intense that by the end of the war only 11 buildings were left standing. The area’s rich natural resources and location near deep water Atlantic ports make Plymouth an ideal mill town for the forest products industry. Today Domtar’s Plymouth Mill employs over 400 individuals, producing quality fluff pulp for a variety of end uses.

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EarthChoice Ambassadors at Plymouth Mill

Established: 2014
Members: 8

In 2017, over 8,000 hours were volunteered in Domtar communities.