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North American Jobs

As a Fortune 500 company, Domtar employs nearly 9,000 people throughout North America, enriching regional and local economies. In fact, for every 100 jobs at Domtar mills and converting facilities, 325 additional jobs are created outside the company – many within the surrounding communities.

North American Jobs
largest employer in Washington County
Industry Employees

The number of Forestry & Logging, Wood Products, Pulp and Paper employees in North Carolina.

billion Dollars

The annual industry payroll income (Total Compensation) in North Carolina.

billion Dollars

The value of industry shipments and paper manufacturing in North Carolina.

million Dollars

Total industry tax payments (estimated state and local) in North Carolina.

Local Community Investment Committee Donations

2013 annual grassroots giving within the Plymouth community by Domtar's Plymouth Mill.

Million Dollars in National Community Investment Committee Donations

Since 2012, Domtar's corporate Community Investment Committee has donated over $4 million in support of charitable and philanthropic organizations.

million Dollars

Estimated economic impact of Domtar’s Plymouth Mill.

Plymouth Fun Fact

The town of Plymouth is older than the county (Washington Co.) in which it resides.