About The Paper Trail

Consumers are increasingly concerned with the impacts of their purchase decisions. That’s why Domtar developed The Paper Trail®.

Originally launched in 2011, The Paper Trail raised the bar for transparency within the industry. As supply chains continue to grow in complexity, it’s getting harder to verify where your paper comes from, much less the social, economic and environmental impacts associated with its manufacturing.

The Paper Trail presents gate-to-gate impact estimates for Domtar products across five environmental categories, both positive and negative: Water, Fiber, GHG Emissions, Waste and Renewable Energy.

Additionally, this award-winning tool gives users a unique look into the people and places behind Domtar products by sharing the company’s positive effect on local communities and role as a major employer throughout many North American communities.

By displaying what it takes to manufacture Domtar paper and voluntarily disclosing both our strengths and the challenges we face, The Paper Trail provides the credibility today’s customers seek.

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This document contains the assumptions made and references used in The Paper Trail.

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