Rothschild Saves a Million

If there were a million dollars hidden in a paper machine, what would you do to find it?

Colleagues at our Rothschild Mill delivered results in 2015 far more valuable than a wild treasure hunt.

The Rothschild R5 team reduced cull losses and operational downtime on the paper machine, resulting in savings of more than $1 million. This effort and others like it show the tangible benefits of Domtar’s EDGE, a system of tools, processes and metrics designed to use best practices across our facilities.

This Continuous Improvement (CI) initiative aimed to reduce cull losses from 14.1 per-cent to 10 percent and reduce operational downtime from 4.6 percent to 3.0 percent. The initiative focused on effective communication, employee engagement, and process diagnostic tools as part of the structured effort. Trend and pareto charting, process mapping, cause and effect matrices, and detailed discussions generated well over 100 improvement ideas, 81 of which have been acted upon and completed. Key improvement action items included freeness SPC charting, process monitors, draw control guidelines and SOP’s, and grade change targets.

“We are very proud of the results our Paper Unit has achieved using the CI tools to reduce losses on R5,” said Kathy Collins, the general manager at Rothschild. “The power in CI is really about engaging the people closest to the work, getting their ideas on how to make improvements and giving them the opportunity to make the process run better.”

The team’s efforts have accumulated more than $1 million in savings since its beginning in March.

In appreciation of the group’s hard work, 100 Grand candy bars were distributed to the entire paper team—“Saved a Million, Enjoy the 100 Grand.”

Congratulations Rothschild!