Rothschild Safety Teams

Rothschild’s seven department safety teams focused this spring on proactive risk reduction with the ultimate goal of eliminating injuries. Similar to the Continuous Improvement Mistake Proofing methodology already utilized across the mill, a structured process was designed to facilitate risk-reducing idea and action generation.

In preparation, Idea Boards were placed in control rooms across the mill. All employees were asked: “What are the ‘at risk’ activities that could result in injuries in your department?” The department safety teams reviewed the submissions and reviewed their department-specific injury data. The teams prioritized each at-risk activity based on frequency, severity and probability. Detailed actions were then generated to proactively address the highest risk tasks.

Although at-risk activities varied greatly, common themes emerged such as walking/working surfaces and pedestrian traffic hazards. Safety team participation has been very robust with expanded membership in existing teams and two new teams formed. With continued communication and activity tracking, the workforce is collaborating to achieve the goal of zero injuries.

– Kurt Mehlberg