Nepco Lake Open for Fishing

This winter, Domtar offered area residents the opportunity to enjoy Nepco Lake, which Domtar owns and uses for water in the papermaking process. In 2015, trial access through the lagoon access gate was opened for Domtar employees and guests for a weekend in February. During that weekend, more than 300 people came to fish and enjoy the lake.

After the successful trial, the access gate was opened from Jan. 22 through February. People who wanted to access the lake signed liability waivers and agreed to responsibly remove all the items they brought. More than 360 people took advantage of the opportunity. Numerous fishing shacks were put out on the lake in favorite spots and were properly removed by the closing date.

Many people in the community thanked Domtar for opening the access point. Nekoosa Mill colleagues Lee Graf and Randy Smith were instrumental in getting the access point set up for opening, monitoring the activities throughout the season, and communicating with interested parties through Facebook and other online processes. The opening of this access point was a success for the company and community.

– Chris Bodette