Domtar Outdoors Program

Kingsport encourages kids and their families to explore the outdoors through a series of events known as the Domtar Outdoors program, launched in the fall of 2015. “It is a great way of get families to take time away from their busy work lives and spend it outdoors with the ones they love and care for the most,” said Sam Fanning, program facilitator. This year, families will take part in an adventurous treasure hunt using GPS-enabled devices, known as geo-caching. It will take place at Bays Mountain Park, a 3,350-acres nature preserve and Tennessee’s largest city-owned park. Children and teens are provided with everything they need for outdoor success, including backpacks, flashlights, light-weight survival kits, tree stand fall restraints, fishing poles and tackle, and safety advice.

Participants will also have the opportunity to hunt wild turkey and deer during hunting season. The program adventures simmer down with a banquet dinner, where winners are recognized and more prizes are distributed.

– Elyse Batista