World Record Tree Planting Attempt

Tree planters from Brinkman & Associates Reforestation who work with Domtar in the Wabigoon Forest celebrate after planting 10,000 trees in 60 minutes.

“We are going to crush this!” were the words of a tree planter taking part in an attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the most trees planted in one hour by small teams on May 20. Teams from across North America participated in the attempt.

The Dryden Mill, through its reforestation contractor Brinkman & Associates Reforestation, participated with a team of 25 tree planters. The planting took place at the Wabigoon Sustainable Forest Licence in Northwestern Ontario.

“It’s a bluebird day,” said Holly Aggas of Domtar’s forestlands group. “It just doesn’t get much better for tree planting. The sun is shining, a warm breeze will keep the mosquitoes at bay and this team is ready to go.”

The team of 25 tree planters safely planted just over 10,000 trees in 60 minutes.

More than 1,100 participants in teams of 25 to 100 were involved. The record attempt was an initiative of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® to promote responsible forest management and sustainable communities.

Results of all participating groups will be combined and the total will be verified by Guinness World Records to determine if in fact the objective of setting a new record was attained.

Dryden - Dotmar 019

Two enthusiastic tree planters just before the starting bell.