U.S. Governors Visit Domtar House

Steve Beschear, Governor of Kentucky; Patrick Loulou, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development; Morgan L. Pierstorff, Project Manager, State of Kentucky; and Larry Hayes, Secretary of Economic Development Cabinet, State of Kentucky

Elected leaders of Kentucky and Wisconsin visited Domtar House this spring to learn more about Domtar’s business and show support for the company’s work in their states.

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear, along with Larry Hayes, the state’s secretary of economic development, visited Montreal in May and met with Domtar’s Patrick Loulou, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development.

Beshear has voiced support for the mill in Hawesville and enthusiasm for the conveyor project along the Ohio River that allows a more efficient delivery of wood chips directly to the mill.

A few weeks later, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who is seeking the Republican party’s nomination for U.S. president, also visited Domtar House. His state is home to Domtar’s Nekoosa and Rothschild mills, with nearly 900 employees.

Walker noted in social media posts that he’d visited Domtar as part of his visit to Montreal.

“We enjoyed hosting Governor Walker and his team,” Loulou said.  “The meeting provided us with the opportunity to showcase Domtar, specifically our Rothschild and Nekoosa mills, to him and discuss items of importance to our business.”

Tom Howard, Vice President of Government Relations, said these visits are important opportunities to help elected leaders better understand what Domtar does.

“During the course of a year we host dozens of senators, congressional representatives, MPs, state and provincial legislators and municipal officials at our facilities, and every single one who visits leaves knowing more about Domtar, our people and the products we make. It’s an honor to have had these governors visit our Montreal offices.”


Katy Sinnott, Kristie Pulvermacher, Patrick Loulou, Scott Walker, Craig Timm and Giuseppe Lobellia.