State grant supports training

The Nekoosa Mill will be busy with employee training in 2015 after receiving over $278,000 from the State of Wisconsin under the Wisconsin Fast Forward program. This program is designed to enable businesses, in partnership with workforce training providers, to provide customized training to incumbent and new employees.

Several years ago, the Nekoosa Mill recognized that there was a huge number of retirements on the horizon, and we needed to prepare many years in advance in order to properly train employees. The old method of simply shadowing an employee in order to promote learning is not as effective as it could be.

We realized that we needed to put a lot of effort into retraining and sharing the knowledge of our senior employees. With that in mind, the Training Department took a hard look at the mill’s training practices and began updating training documents and operating procedures.

Specifically, the training funds received from the state will be used to educate Nekoosa employees in reliability, analytical problem-solving techniques, N2 paper machine defect detection system, and line-of-progression training. The grant money will go a long way to help us achieve our goal of a sound and effective training system.