Spokesperson for stay-in-school campaign

Marilou Pratte, coordinator of Branchés, les gars! and Félix Boisvert, campaign spokesperson.

Félix Boisvert, Finishing Mechanic at the Windsor Mill, was chosen as spokesperson for the 2015 edition of a campaign aimed at encouraging boys to finish high school by helping them develop an interest in science and engineering careers. Last February, the first of four videos featuring Félix discussing his work at the mill was officially launched on social media. The campaign, called Branchés, les gars! (Hip and connected guys) is organized by a regional organization.

Branchés, les gars! is a one-day activity held on April 23 this year during which high school students throughout the Eastern Townships region are invited to participate in workshops at educational institutions such as vocational schools, colleges and universities. During these workshops, the students are exposed to technical, industrial and scientific careers.

Felix was selected as spokesperson because of his perseverance in school, his engagement and personality. While in school he developed a passion for electromechanics and automated systems, and his teachers encouraged him to obtain a vocational diploma from a junior college. Lacking the admission credits, Félix took adult education courses for one year to fill the gaps and was accepted. He studied industrial maintenance technology at a junior college in nearby Sherbrooke.

As part of his studies, Félix was involved in a project that took him and some colleagues to Senegal, Africa, where they installed a water purification system and a solar-powered flour mill. Their project won numerous provincial prizes.

‘‘I am proud to have contributed to Branchés, les gars!’’ said Félix. ‘‘I discovered the career I love thanks to similar initiatives.’’

Congratulations Félix for being so engaged in encouraging young boys to stay in school!

Windsor Félix Boisvert IMG_1615

Félix Boisvert at work in the mill.