New chapter of Domtar EarthChoice Ambassadors

Gord (Domtar employee) and Joanne Nicklas, local beekeepers, presented a “lunch-and-learn” session about beekeeping.

A group of volunteers making up the newly established EarthChoice Ambassador (ECA) team at the Kamloops Mill celebrated Earth Week by encouraging employees to adopt earth-friendly approaches at work and at home.

The week began with the ECAs braving early mornings and late nights as they served up 370 cups of organic fair trade coffee to fellow employees as they arrived for work. Then employees were invited to two “lunch and learn” sessions, one with a local beekeeping expert (who also happens to be a Domtar employee) and another with a local master gardener.

A bee has to pollinate about 120,000 flowers to make one teaspoon of honey and the worker bees that do the pollinating are always female. Oh, and by the way, one out of every three bites of food relies on pollination.

Employees were encouraged to “get growing” as part of the week’s events with 170 people committing to grow their own tomatoes from starter packs provided by the ECAs. As well, a “free cycle” project resembling an old-fashioned curiosity shop had employees bringing in their unwanted household items and leaving them for others to pick up. Interesting inventory changed daily!

Thank you Stephanie Blier, Wylie Truman, Terri Tischler, Neal Aronowski, Kristin Dangelmaier, Bill Brown, Gaudenza Overmars and Mike Sun for putting together a successful EarthWeek in Kamloops.

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Jonathan Larter’s EarthChoices.

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Jose Zaldo’s EarthChoices.