First CSA Approved Facility in Canadian Forestry Industry

25% of Windsor’s fiber is sourced in the U.S. and trucked into Canada.

Last March, the Windsor Mill became the first facility in the Canadian forestry industry to receive approval from Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to import timber, wood chips and biomass from the United States under the Customs Self-Assessment (CSA) Program.

The CSA program is governed by a rigorous process allowing the CBSA and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to ensure risk control and product compliance while simplifying import requirements at the border. For the Windsor Mill, the CSA facilitates fiber imports that account for 25% of its total fiber needs. Since product inspection and control is performed at the mill, border processing time is much quicker. For truck carriers, the CSA program is the simplest and most efficient way to bring products through customs.

‘‘For U.S.-based fiber suppliers and truckers, the Customs Self-Assessment (CSA) Program streamlines the customs clearance process when bringing products across the Canadian border,’’ said André Gravel, Fiber Procurement Manager at the Windsor Mill. ‘‘They spend less time going through customs, thereby improving the Windsor Mill’s competitiveness.’’

It took four years to obtain approval under the CSA program, a testimony to the commitment of the fiber procurement group and their relentless efforts to find solutions that simplify the flow of fiber to the mill. The Windsor team is grateful for the support of the mill’s information technology group and the corporate customs group in achieving their goal.