ECAs Help Build a Community Garden

Windsor’s EarthChoice Ambassadors joined the city’s volunteer center and the housing authority to prepare a community garden for residents. Domtar also provided wood chips for use in the plots.

Our EarthChoice Ambassadors collaborated with Windsor’s volunteer center and the city’s housing authority in recent months to set up a community garden for low-income families and seniors.

The main objective was to promote peer support among users and break their isolation by means of a community garden, while also encouraging healthy living habits.

The project had a sustainability aspect. This was reflected in the decision to develop the garden in accordance with permaculture principles, which emphasize working with natural ecosystems. The ECAs were immediately sold on the project because of its focus on community and sustainability.

To lower the cost of the project, the ECAs offered to donate their time to build a storage shed for garden tools and divide the garden into individual plots. This involved many hours of effort spread over several work days. Fortunately, we could count on the assistance and engagement of nearly 20 employees and friends who shared their knowledge and took up shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows and hammers to create the garden. Domtar also supplied the woodchips used to divide the plots.

In this first year of activity, the community garden has already attracted several adopters and all of the gardeners have lowered their grocery bills while savoring fresh fruit and vegetables. After all, healthy food is something you grow!

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