Area Math Teacher Sees Business Up Close

Anna Grogan’s students, like many teens, sometimes ask whether they’ll ever use math skills in “the real world.”

During a visit to Domtar facilities this summer, she added new examples to support her resounding “yes.”

In York County, South Carolina, Domtar and other businesses offer professional exchanges for educators. Anna Grogan, who teaches math at Rock Hill High School, is among dozens of teachers who are matched with local companies, where they spend a week learning about the business and how they can relate concepts in their classrooms.

It’s one of many ways Domtar supports education as a part of our value of caring.

Anna’s experience began in Fort Mill, where she was introduced to planning, inventory, sales, marketing and other corporate functions within Domtar. The following three days she spent at the Rock Hill converting site, learning in the machine room and getting to know the operation. The week was rounded out with a trip to our Marlboro Mill, where Domtar’s manufacturing process was explained from the logging operation to paper production and, finally, converting at the nearby Tatum converting site.

It turned out that no matter where, in the office or on the machine room floor, people were using math and critical thinking skills on a daily basis.