Springtime brings opportunities for involvement

Spring months are normally full of opportunities for individuals to become involved in community and school projects. This year was no different for the employees at the Marlboro Mill. From educational activities to fundraising events, the Marlboro team’s commitment to give back to its community and surrounding areas were well illustrated.

The Wood Procurement group is always willing to talk to the younger generation and educators about trees and paper. In April, John Cecil, Marlboro’s Bonsal Chip Mill District Forester, met with sixth grade students at the North Carolina Forestry and Environmental Camp to teach them about forestry.

John’s picture was featured in the NC Forestry’s May/June 2014 newsletter which highlighted the camp’s success. The article, titled “Camp Adapts to Weather”, quoted the camp’s director stating, “It’s one thing to talk about the importance of education, and it’s another to have the boots on the ground to actually be able to do it. Our volunteers make the difference in these camps. We have some great volunteers that do an awesome job connecting with these kids.”

In May, the Marlboro Wood Procurement group held its 18th annual forestry education program with the Bennettsville Intermediate School. One hundred and sixty fourth grade students and their teachers listened attentively as the team talked about forestry and Domtar’s commitment to ensuring this precious resource is around for all to enjoy for a very long time. With the help of Marlboro Mill co-ops, students were given the opportunity to make their own sheets of paper.

To reinforce the lesson they learned about forestry and paper, they also received resource materials from Domtar’s Forest Academy. Volunteering for the event were Ken Stuart, Matt Krawiec, Joe DuBois and Scott Smearman (all of Wood Procurement). They were assisted by John Cecil (Bonsal Chip Mill), Robert Williams (Quercus Forest Products) and co-op students Seth Gulledge, Brooke Gillingham, Spencer Rocco and Zack Fasica.

Another springtime activity in Marlboro County is the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. This year the event was held at Carroll Field in Bennettsville, SC on May 31. A group of Marlboro Mill employees came together to support the American Cancer Society. Several fundraising activities were held, such as gate events where employees had the opportunity to “Dump their Cup” of change they collected for the cause, luminary purchases and a prize drawing for those employees that purchased a ticket.

“The day started off very rainy but once the sky cleared it ended up being a nice memorable day for all who participated as well as the attending cancer survivors,’’ said Angie Adams, Team Captain.” Team members were Angie Adams, Scott Anderson, Amber Bowen, Sandy Donaldson, Bettie Fleming, Pamela Grant, Don Newton, Michelle Richardson, Katherine Schulz, Donna Skipper, Ken Stuart and Tiffany Sellers.
In conjunction with Domtar’s sponsorship, the mill raised $14,211.64. Domtar was the top fundraiser for Marlboro County’s Relay for Life.