Domtar wins community honors

It was a big night for the Ashdown Mill at the annual Little River County Chamber banquet, with both the mill’s Community Advisory Team (CAT) and one of the mill’s management team members being recognized.

The mill’s CAT received the 2013 Community Organization Award for their work to improve the local downtown area through the annual auction event.

“Anyone who drives through or visits downtown Ashdown can appreciate the beautiful mural painted on the wall of the Two Rivers Museum and the freshly painted building along Hwy 71 downtown. These wonderful improvements to our town are the results of many hours of planning and hard work by the Domtar CAT,” said Elizabeth Foster, Chamber president. “From planning and hosting the annual community auction fundraiser to actually ‘painting the town,’ these volunteers are a wonderful asset to our community and are very deserving of this award.”

In just three years, the team has raised nearly $90,000 from the annual auction event – all of which is being used to improve the downtown area of Ashdown and the local City Park. The Domtar CAT members consist of local community and business leaders, as well as mill employees.

In addition, Digger Pond, the mill’s fiber line manager, received the 2013 Public Service Award for his idea and work on the community auction, which has proven to be a great success. “Digger is a true leader who has put his mark on our town and our hearts,” stated Foster. “If a man can come from Canada, live in Texas, and work as hard as he does to help us improve the town of Ashdown, he deserves to be recognized.”

Domtar’s presence was strong throughout the night not only because of the awards received, and the large number of mill and CAT team members in attendance, but also by the special addition of centerpieces made by local high school students from paper produced at the Ashdown Mill.

It was a great opportunity for Domtar paper to be featured at its finest! Instead of purchasing flowers for all the tables, the local Chamber asked the mill to donate paper so that local high school students in Little River County could create the various origami and sculpture pieces. In addition, the base for each design was a ream of Domtar paper. After the event, the paper and centerpieces were all given as door prizes.

Overall, it was a great night and event both for the mill and the local community.