Domtar shows its appreciation to local fire department

The Johnsonburg Fire Department (JFD) faces the same declining membership issue other small-town volunteer fire departments are experiencing throughout the region and country. They also needed to replace two fire trucks due to age and were evaluating the purchase of a combined engine/rescue truck. It was felt that such a vehicle would provide better use of available manpower when responding to emergencies in the community of 2,500 people.

Representatives from the local fire department turned to the Johnsonburg Mill and asked mill management to consider a donation toward the purchase of the dual-purpose vehicle. An application was submitted, reviewed and approved through the Domtar Community Investment Committee. On February 28, 2014, the Johnsonburg Mill presented a $20,000 donation to the local fire department towards the purchase of a new fire truck.

The JFD has been an important resource over the years, responding to emergencies whenever needed, in both in the community and at the mill. Many of the volunteer firemen in this small community are also mill employees.

The timely response by the JFD and other neighboring local emergency response agencies during the 2013 chip yard tunnel fire at the mill played a significant role in containing and extinguishing the blaze. The Johnsonburg Mill is appreciative of their response in our time of need and is proud to support this organization.