Trees for Tomorrow Trip Teaches Lessons

The Trees For Tomorrow Learning Center is a natural resources education tradition located in the beautiful outdoor classroom known as the “Northwoods” in Eagle River, WI. The focus of the school is to place people of all ages in direct contact with the natural resources that humans depend on – something the organization has done via offering programs, workshops and special interest classes since 1944.

Domtar has been a big supporter of Trees For Tomorrow, having offered local students the opportunity to attend workshops that promote a renewed interest in the outdoors for the past seven years.

Most recently, Domtar provided twenty five scholarships to Trees For Tomorrow to deserving students from D.C. Everest Middle School in Weston, WI. The scholarships allowed these young adults to experience the best of the Northwoods via the state’s only fully accredited natural resource specialty school, and left them with knowledge of sustainable forestry practices, and a greater appreciation of newly the natural world we live in.

For some, Trees For Tomorrow offered a first look at something new. “It’s important for people to understand the balance between nature and the logging industry,” noted one attendee. “Logging creates jobs and the many resources we need to survive, while nature provides the homes for animals and beauty for us to enjoy. It’s important for us to keep those two things in balance so we can enjoy all that the forest has to offer.”

For others, this opportunity provided a new environmental perspective. “I think Trees For Tomorrow is important because it gives people an opportunity to gain new knowledge about the wilderness,” noted another scholarship recipient.

In the end, all the students learned valuable lessons about promoting stewardship and renewal of natural resources for use by future generations. Additionally, they gained knowledge and skills necessary to make responsible lifestyle choices.

Domtar is proud to be involved with Trees For Tomorrow and to offer this valuable experience to area students year after year. To learn more about this important initiative that helps youth learn to become better stewards of the earth, please visit