Domtar Opened a Ben Carson Reading Room at Johnsonburg Elementary School

This April, Domtar opened a Ben Carson Reading Room at Johnsonburg Elementary School in Johnsonburg, Pennsylvania. Domtar’s paper mill in Johnsonburg manufactures paper for the publishing industry.

The Ben Carson Reading Project is an initiative of the Carson Scholars Fund, Inc., founded by Dr. Benjamin S. Carson. Dr. Carson is a professor and director of pediatric neurosurgery at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in Baltimore, Maryland. He and his wife Candy recognized that many youngsters were passing through their early years of school with negligible reading skills and a lack of passion for reading, so they created the Reading Room Project to encourage young people to discover the joy of independent reading in an inviting, quiet and secure atmosphere. The Ben Carson Reading Room Project is also responsible for bringing students, faculty, their families and community together to raise the awareness of the importance of reading.

“We are proud to bring this wonderful project to our community,” said Tom Detwiler, Vice President and Johnsonburg Mill Manager. “By supporting the Ben Carson Reading Room Project, our employees are able to show their support to our children and a classic and critical pastime – reading.”

Bob Paladino, Domtar Paper Production Manager and Johnsonburg School Board President, added, “Reading is critical to a child’s education – especially reading books made from paper. By supporting the Reading Room Project, Domtar is able to offer children the opportunity to enjoy reading without distractions.” Studies show that reading on paper is 10-30% faster and that people retain what they read longer when they read on paper versus reading on a screen.

The room at Johnsonburg Elementary is furnished with books, graphics, child-sized furniture, pillows and carpet so students will be comfortable as they read.

There are currently over 60 reading rooms in eight states. Visit for more information about the Carson Scholars Fund.