Conveying Sustainability at Hawesville

Recently Domtar’s Hawesville Mill received some national attention for its efforts in sustainability. The facility constructed a world-class chip conveyor that stretches from the waterfront all the way to the mill’s gates. The technology moves wood chips from barges using the Mississippi River, Ohio River, and Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway, all the way across a mile long (1.6 km) chip conveyor to mill staging areas.

By transporting chips via this system rather than by large trucks, the new 24 hour-a-day conveyor will eliminate the need for more than half-a-million miles (800,000+ kilometers) of truck traffic each year. The update helps reduce carbon dioxide emission equal to the burning of over 100,000 gallons (400,000+ liters) of fuel each year. Add to that the reduced wear and tear on local highways and less noise for the facility’s neighbors, and it’s easy to see why Hawesville has an infrastructure project that’s a poster child for sustainability.