Windsor Mill receives environmental strategy award

The Windsor Mill received one of the three national Business Awards handed out during PaperWeek Canada 2014, the Environmental Strategy Award. This prize is in recognition of the highest level of leadership and engagement with respect to environmental protection in the Canadian pulp and paper industry.

We received the award by demonstrating the positive impact of the actions taken by our employees towards sustainable growth and environmental protection. Since 2009, the mill has reduced emissions of greenhouse gases by 32%, the equivalent of taking 9,000 cars off the road yearly. In water quality, we proved that our performance is 70% below the standard for suspended solids and biological oxygen demand.

Last year, we increased renewable energy production to 91% of our needs and reduced our natural gas consumption by 8.2 million m3 on an annual basis. We were the only paper manufacturer to obtain certification from the Quebec Standards Office for calcium-containing residues and ash. We also remain committed to our objective of zero landfill. In terms of fiber, 100% of our supply is controlled wood, of which 50% comes from FSC-certified forests.

We have demonstrated that sustainable growth is integral to our operations. Our environmental fiber guides us in our business and manufacturing practices, from the forest to our finished product – paper.