Our values at work

It is rare to see all three of Domtar’s values exemplified at once. Enter Willie Wiggins, one of our colleagues at the Plymouth Mill. Willie discovered his 10-year-old granddaughter Jazmyne’s writing talents and applied Domtar’s values to help her publish her first book.

According to Willie, Jazmyne has always been an avid reader, getting books mainly from her school and local library, as well as the occasional trip to Wal-Mart. She reads to Willie in her spare time and one day approached him with a children’s story she had written.

Willie was so impressed by her work that he wanted to share her passion and talent with others. Jazmyne’s mother Crystal also helped by doing some research on how to self-publish a book.

From that point on, Willie acted as the liaison between his granddaughter and the publisher throughout the lengthy process, which he described as being “like a job” in itself. Jazmyne’s book – The Girl Who Got Lost in the Woods – was published on May 28 and was followed about two months later by a book signing.

Being a caring grandfather, Willie saw Jazmyne’s talent and wanted to encourage her. His innovative thinking landed Jazmyne a publishing deal. His agility and dedication during the publishing process helped introduce a young author to the world and hopefully will inspire other children to read and write.

I speak for all Domtar colleagues in congratulating Willie on truly embodying all three of our values, not just at the mill but at home as well.