Contributing to healthier forests

The State of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) recently recognized Joe Kies, Senior Buyer for Wood Procurement at the Nekoosa Mill, for his service on the Annosum Root Rot Committee.

Annosum root rot is a fungus pathogen that affects pine species in Wisconsin. The disease is a serious threat to red pine plantations because it spreads quickly through the root system of infected stands.

WDNR has developed management guidelines to regulate harvesting activities in an effort to prevent the spread of Annosum. In response to representations from the forest industry, a committee was formed to find a compromise and propose scientifically sound and operationally practical integrated pest management practices to minimize the risk
of introduction and spread of the pathogen in the state.

Joe Kies volunteered to represent Domtar and our industry on this committee, which included public and private foresters, a logger, university professors, forest health specialists and forest pathologists.

Based on the committee’s proposal, a guide was finalized and implemented on state lands in May 2013. This final guide was less restrictive and more practical than the original WDNR recommendations. Joe played a key role in effectively communicating industry concerns, finding common ground and practical solutions.

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation for allowing Joe Kies to serve on the Annosum Root Rot Committee,” said Kyoko Scanlon, Forestry Pathologist for the WDNR. “Joe has been a great asset for the committee with his vast knowledge and experience in forestry and forest industry, as well as his professionalism and approachability. His practical problem-solving skills and ability to pay attention to details have been invaluable to the accomplishments the committee has made.”

Thank you, Joe, and congratulations on a job well done!