Sam Sécure helps build OH&S culture

For a number of years, the Sam Sécure meetings, prepared and hosted by Prevention Officer, Richard “Sam” Lussier, and Prevention Coordinator, André Langlois, have been helping build a strong health and safety culture at the Windsor Mill. The initiative, which was launched in 2003, is readily adaptable to the issue of the day, and is a great way to introduce topics and raise awareness of our prevention program.

These interactive meetings are very well attended by employees. The winning formula has been a combination of employee participation in creating videos (they either produce or star in the clips), the use of plain language, and communicating through humor. But there is more to these meetings than simply watching comical videos. They are a forum for employees to exchange about risks and how to avoid danger.

The health and safety issues addressed through Sam Sécure meetings have evolved over the years. Physical risks, personal protective equipment, work processes, risky behaviors, status and errors, “safe harbor”, courage to intervene, values, culture, the Bradley curve, behavioral feedback, recognition, e-learning, perception… The range of topics covered shows the evolution of our health and safety culture, and the Sam Sécure meetings remain an effective tool for raising employee awareness.