A Handwritten Promise on Paper

In this digital age, Domtar has been a strong voice promoting the important role that paper still plays in our lives. We’ve shared many examples of how, sometimes, it simply cannot be substituted for anything else – like the personal connection of a handwritten note compared to a text message or email.

In his “Put it on Paper” blog entry early this year, John D. Williams reminded us all of National Handwriting Day, which marks the birthday of John Hancock, the first person to put pen to paper on the Declaration of Independence.

This blog, along with the messages we’ve heard from Domtar’s PAPERbecause advocacy campaign, sparked an inspired idea at the Marlboro Mill that gave employees the opportunity both to show their pride in the product they make every day and “officially” record their commitment to safety – by putting it down on paper!

On Valentine’s Day, every team member was encouraged to write a Valentine Promise to My Loved Ones card, expressing what they would do to make sure they return home safely from work every day. The postage paid cards were mailed to spouses, children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, parents, etc. Everyone likes getting cards and letters in the mail, and the recipients appreciated the written commitment from their loved ones.

I, myself, sent my card to my four-year-old grandson. I promised him I would work safely each day so I could pick him up from school and do all the things we loved to do together. He was so excited to receive a letter in the mail that he sent me one back! Thus a circle of handwritten messages was started between two people – all on that wonderful product called paper.