About forest professions

On December 11, Eric Ashby, General Manager of the Windsor Mill and several employees from Fiber Procurement welcomed a group of students from the forest management program at the Centre de formation professionnelle Le Granit and the Maison Familiale Rurale du Granit. The program, aimed at students finishing high school and adults, offers a professional diploma leading to a career in forestry.

At our mill, the visitors learned about the paper manufacturing process, from receiving wood through to the paper machines, and packaging and shipping. Over lunch, there were presentations and discussions on issues such as the
importance of workplace safety – including in the forest – and on the forest management practices used on Domtar’s private lands, based on the FSC, SFI and ISO-14001 forest and environmental certification systems.

For over eight years, Domtar has set aside about 420 acres (170 hectares) of its lands to use as a “teaching forest”, where students can acquire expertise through a number of forestry and harvesting operations. In addition, we have developed a “buddy system” program with our local forest contractor to promote knowledge transfer between experienced forest workers and the students.

Domtar also takes part in the Viens vivre la forêt (Come live the forest) event. The goal of this activity, aimed primarily at 9th – 11th graders, is to interest the next generation in a career in the forest industry. It is important that we be involved in the student community and share our passion for the forest. Because ensuring we have a solid employee base for the future is an important challenge!

Thank you to all my fellow participants – Eric Ashby, André Gravel, Raymond Vanier, Patrick Cartier and Rock Blouin – for their commitment!