Helping Students for Change

Jim Jones, Senior Analyst/Programmer, Espanola Mill

Domtar donated several obsolete computers to a campaign led by a group of kids from Espanola High School to raise funds for the local food bank and for the sponsorship of an underprivileged child.

Students for Change held a massive e-waste collection drive last spring, gathering up old televisions, computers and other electronics for recycling.

“The event was a great opportunity for members of our community to rid themselves of any old and broken electronics cluttering their homes,” said Krista Jones, one of the organizers of the drive – and my daughter.

Approximately 14,900 pounds (6,759 kg) of electronic waste was collected and diverted from local landfill sites, including about 3,300 pounds (1,497 kg) from Domtar. The event raised a total of approximately $745 for their targeted causes, which has led the students to plan on doing this again next year!